As appellate counsel for F.E. who was convicted of murder and serving a life sentence, conducted an in-depth investigation and filed a detailed Brady motion. After demonstrating to the Court that the prosecutor’s office had withheld material exculpatory information, including a statement by an eyewitness that identified a different person as the killer, and that trial counsel had failed to discover that several key witnesses had prior convictions and pending criminal cases, the Court reversed the murder conviction and sentence.


After entering the case as appellate counsel for O.P. who had been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, filed a motion for new trial arguing that the combination of errors by the trial judge and ineffective assistance of trial counsel led to a breakdown of the trial process. Murder conviction and life sentence reversed.


Obtained misdemeanor sentence for T.R., who was indicted and set to stand trial for murder by demonstrating to prosecutors that T.R. shot and killed the decedent in self-defense.


was under investigation by state authorities for potentially obstructing justice by lying to law enforcement officials during a homicide investigation. After representation, no charges were filed.