was charged with assault for punching and injuring another person and faced deportation if convicted. State prosecutors agreed to reduce the charges to a non-criminal violation with no jail time. U.C. thus avoided a criminal record, jail, and deportation.


was arrested for possession of a firearm after NYPD conducted a search and recovered a handgun in W.Y.’s bedroom. After prolonged litigation and DNA testing showing that W.Y’s DNA was not on the firearm, state prosecutors dismissed the felony firearms charge.


a 15 year-old, was charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm stemming from a shooting in Manhattan. After negotiations, state prosecutors agreed to dismiss the attempted murder charge and permit E.E. to plead guilty to a reduced charge. E.E. eventually was sentenced to five years of probation as a youthful offender, meaning that there was no criminal conviction on E.E.’s record.


was charged with assault, reckless endangerment, for disobeying traffic police and driving a motorcycle into the route of the Presidential motorcade near the U.N. and ramming the motorcycle into a law enforcement officer. Believing S.H. may have been a terrorist, the police tackled S.H. and arrested S.H. After negotiations, the District Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the charges with no jail time.


an immigrant from West Africa, was pulled over for a driving infraction while driving his cab in Manhattan. NYPD officers charged O.S. with resisting arrest and obstruction for allegedly refusing to provide ID and fighting with the officers. After refusing a plea bargain and preparing for trial, all charges were dismissed and adverse immigration consequences were avoided.