The following is a sample of some of the cases handled by Sean Maher. The case summaries are provided for informational purposes only and not as any promise as to the outcome of your case. Material presented on the The Law Offices of Sean M. Maher, PLLC website is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended as professional advice and should not be construed as such.

White Collar/Fraud

  • Co-counsel for CEO of large privately-held company indicted for defrauding a governmental entity of several hundred thousand dollars. Won full pre-trial dismissal of all indicted charges.
  • Gained non-criminal disposition for individual charged with fraud involving sum of over $100,000.

Controlled Substances/Drug Trafficking

  • Several jury trial acquittals for clients charged with sale and/or possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.
  • Won full acquittal at trial for client where law enforcement officers testified that they personally observed client participate in drug transaction and that pre-recorded buy money was found in the client’s pocket.

Violent Felonies

  • As appellate counsel for a client convicted of murder and serving a life sentence, conducted an in-depth investigation and filed a detailed Brady motion. After demonstrating to the Court that the prosecutor’s office had withheld material exculpatory information, including a statement by an eyewitness that identified a different person as the killer, and that trial counsel had failed to discover that several key witnesses had prior convictions and pending criminal cases, the Court reversed the murder conviction and sentence.
  • After entering the case as appellate counsel for a client who had been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, filed a motion for new trial arguing that the combination of errors by the trial judge and ineffective assistance of trial counsel led to a breakdown of the trial process. Murder conviction and life sentence reversed.
  • For client charged with armed robbery and facing possible life sentence if convicted, went to trial and showed unreliability of complaining witness and other witnesses. Jury acquitted client of charges.


  • Client charged with federal drug conspiracy where client was held responsible for between 20 and 80 kg of hashish; secured sentence of time served.
  • Client convicted at trial of providing and conspiring to provide material support to terrorists involved in a conspiracy to murder, kidnap and maim individuals overseas. Convinced trial judge to decline to apply the “terrorism enhancement” at sentencing, thus reducing possible sentence of 360 months to life to actual sentence of 168 months. Conviction and sentence pending appeal.
  • Obtained misdemeanor sentence for client indicted and set to stand trial for murder by demonstrating to prosecutors that client shot and killed the decedent in self-defense.


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