Trial Advocacy

The Law Offices of Sean M. Maher, PLLC was founded to provide clients with the highest level of trial advocacy available. Mr. Maher has tried serious felony cases for close to twenty years and is recognized as a national leader in trial advocacy.

Mr. Maher endeavors to combine time-honed courtroom lawyering with the advanced technology needed to assimilate the vast amounts of information involved in contemporary federal prosecutions that rely upon seized computers, documents, emails, and social media postings stored on internet servers, as well as sometimes hundreds of hours of recorded phone calls and video surveillance.

Our trial philosophy is relatively simple, yet formidable: create a client-centered team with exceptionally skilled members, including investigators, paralegals, mitigation specialists, and forensic experts, while leveraging the skills of the team with state of the art technology in data collection, data retrieval, and data mapping that can be made useful to a jury through interactive trial presentation hardware and software.